About Us

My name is Neil Jewell.

I’m a mobile mechanic based in the UK.

I’m out on the road fixing vehicles all day. In the evenings, I like to work on my informational car websites that help people find the right data on a range of car related topics.

CarEngineOilCapacity.com was created by myself in January 2022. I noticed people were not putting the correct amount of oil in their cars, causing many issues with the vehicle, which leads them to contact me to come and fix these problems.

Car engines need oil for lubrication. There are a lot of moving elements inside the engine, so if they do not receive the lubrication they require, things will start to get damaged. When there is not enough oil, the engine’s components will start to rub together with no lubrication, which may result in a mild tapping or knocking sound.

Eventually these parts will wear down and cause irreparable damage. Believe me when I say that I see this issue almost every week.