Cadillac (SGM) (CHN) CTS (2005-2007) Engine Oil Capacity

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In the table below, we have listed the engine oil capacity and oil change intervals for the Cadillac (SGM) (CHN) CTS (2005-2007). We cover the engine oil capacity of all models of the Cadillac (SGM) (CHN). So now there's no guessing when it comes to oil changes.

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ModelEngineCapacity/Filter Capacity Litres(liters)Oil Change Intervals
CTS 2.8 V6 (2005 – 2007)LP1Capacity 5,7 litreChange 7500 km/ 12 months

What is The Cadillac (SGM) (CHN) CTS (2005-2007) Really Like?

The Cadillac CTS (2005-2007), a classic piece of American engineering brought to you by General Motors and making its way to the shores of China. Now, I have to say, this is where Cadillac started to step up its game and bring some serious competition to the European luxury sedans.

At first glance, you can’t help but notice the bold and edgy styling. It’s like Cadillac’s designers went on a late-night adrenaline-fueled sketching session, and the CTS was the result. Those sharp lines and chiseled features make it stand out from the crowd, and that front grille is like a declaration of dominance on the road.

Inside the CTS (2005 – 0)

Step inside, and you’re greeted with a cabin that’s all about comfort and functionality. Sure, it may not have all the bells and whistles of its modern-day counterparts, but it’s got that good ol’ American charm. The materials are solid, the seats are supportive, and there’s enough space for you and your buddies to hit the road for an epic adventure.


Now, let’s talk performance, shall we? Under that sculpted hood, you’ll find a range of V6 engines, each packing a punch. It’s got the oomph to get you moving, and when you put your foot down, it roars like a beast unleashed. And trust me, that exhaust note is music to any car enthusiast’s ears.

But let’s not forget the handling.

The CTS may be a bit of a bruiser in terms of power, but it can handle itself through the twists and turns. The suspension is tuned to strike a balance between comfort and sportiness, and it does a commendable job of keeping the ride smooth while also letting you have some fun when you’re in the mood.


Sure, it may not have all the fancy tech and gizmos of its modern-day siblings, but the CTS has that raw and unfiltered charm of a classic American sedan. It’s a car that demands attention and respect, and it’s a testament to Cadillac’s ambition to challenge the status quo.


So, if you’re looking for a ride that’s got character, power, and a dash of swagger, the Cadillac CTS (2005-2007) might just be the ride to put a smile on your face. Just remember to bring your driving gloves, because this Yank tank is ready to take you on a wild ride.

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