Mazda MX-3 (1992 – 1998) Engine Oil Capacity

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In the table below, we have listed the engine oil capacity and oil change intervals for the Mazda MX-3. We cover the engine oil capacity of all models of the Mazda. So now there's no guessing when it comes to oil changes.

So if you're wanting to know the engine oil capacity of the Mazda MX-3 or how often to change the oil, please keep reading!

ModelEngineCapacity/Filter Capacity Litres(liters)Oil Change Intervals
MX-3 1.6i (1992 – 1998)B6E3.3 / 0.310 000 km/ 12 months
MX-3 1.8i V6 (1992 – 1998)K8D4 / 0.310 000 km/ 12 months

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