What Type Of Oil Does a 2008 Honda Accord Take?


I drive an older Honda Accord (2008). I am aware that synthetic oil is necessary for modern vehicles, but I’m not sure if my car is one of them. What type of oil is recommended for a 2008 Honda Accord?


2008 Honda Accord engines require 5W-30 motor oil. For this car, you can use conventional, synthetic, or synthetic-blend oil.

You can choose between synthetic and traditional oils as long as your engine is running on 5W-30 engine oil.

For the duration of your Accord’s life, you should only use 5W-30 engine oil as long as it is running smoothly and emits no smoke or burning aromas.

The engine needs high-quality oil to operate efficiently. You will eventually experience oil problems. A horrible burning smell is a prevalent issue.

This needs to be carefully examined right away to prevent the car from exploding. The engine may fail due to bad oil. The engine could make a knocking sound. You might get low gas mileage.

One day, you’ll need to change your oil. A decent guideline is every 5,000 to 10,000 miles, approximately. If you don’t replace it, the engine will have issues.

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